Monday, 6 November 2017

Adesua Etomi Actress gives money tips

Don't we just love Adesua Etomi.
Not only has the beautiful screen goddess blessed our television screens and cinemas with good movies but she also doles out some financial advice for us all.

Adesua Etomi
The nollywood actress took to the social media platform, twitter to share her personal money rule.

"My spending rules...

'Save before you spend'

'Don't spend money on more 'wants' than 'needs'

'Don't spend money that hasn't hit your account yet'

'Don't buy things on credit'

Adesua Etomi who is engaged to Banky W, says saving money has saved her from financial constraints a lot of times. Admitting how hard it is to set some money aside for saving.

Being great at Saving money has saved my life MANY times. 

"It'll pinch you when you're putting the money aside oh but trust me when I say you'll be glad you did."

'Don't buy things to impress anyone, it's foolish"

"I know people that spend money that hasn't hit their account yet.

: I'm expecting 50k in 5 days. 5k for lashes. 5k for 'fixing'. 10k for bag. The jeans yinka was selling, 10k..let me buy it on credit. Shoe 7k. nails 4k. 9k left. Ah. Food nko? It's k, I'll get 20k in 6 days"


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