Sunday, 5 November 2017

How do I make my crush forget her boyfriend who is abroad?

There is this lady that I love but proving hard to get, she barely picks my calls nor reply my chat on Whatsapp.

But I recently found out that she has a boyfriend she is in love with.

However, the guy in question is out of the country. How do convince her to be mine because all efforts always proves abortive.

Before I tell you how to get this babe and make her yours forever, I need you to answer just one question.

How would you feel if you travelled abroad left your girlfriend behind in Nigeria on the promise that you’d be back for her in few months, but instead of waiting for you as she promised, she dumped you for someone else before you return?

You'd be very happy, wouldn’t you?

Of course not.

See, you need to learn to let people enjoy their happiness. That babe is not the only one in the world. Leave her to enjoy her relationship in peace.

There are many other single ladies out there that would be glad to have you.

You asked me you would get the babe. I hope you wouldn’t if it means hurting someone else, especially if nothing is wrong with the relationship and they’re both happy regardless of the distance.
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