Saturday, 4 November 2017

How To Become An E-currency Exchanger

Hello all,

I want to go into E-currency exchange business.
I would like to exchange popular e-currencies like Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Neteller, Payza e.t.c.

I already have a verified account with these e-currency websites.
My question is how do I get cheap perfect money to fund for my customers.
I initially planned to buy dollars from the black market, then do wire transfer to fund my ecurrency PM, Neteller.

But most exchangers fund at lower rate than the current black market rate or very close to it.
So I would like to know how I can get cheaper PM to fund my customers in order to also offer competitive rates as other
e-currency exchangers.

Because I notice the major perfect money exchanger like Naira4dollar, Instantgold, nicciexchange sell PM at prices a bit lower than the
black market rate in Nigeria.
So I would like to know how these major exchangers source their e-currency.

It cannot be only from customers selling e-currency to them as the demand for buying ecurrency in Nigeria is very high.


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