Sunday, 5 November 2017

I'm tempted to marry someone I don't like because I'm almost 40

Dear Bukky,

I’m just six months away from my fortieth birthday and I’m still a single man.

Ladies I come across are either looking for a rich guy or lacking in character.

Should go ahead with someone whose character is a time bomb simply because I am almost forty?

Besides, I'm being pressured to do so by friends and family.

I’m confused; should I just get along with just anybody simply because the time is ticking, regardless of the tendency to be unhappy in it?

Dear reader,

No, don’t do it. I know it sounds cliché but it’s the truth so it just has to be said.

Your happiness is what should matter most to you and whatever you decide to do should align with that and not just what people are advising you to do.

It’s understandable for pressure to pile up at this age but then if a marriage that lasts a lifetime is what you are hoping for, then it’s wise to go for someone with whom that looks feasible.

It might be a difficult thing to admit at this stage for you, but the truth is that it’s infinitely better to be happy single than frustrated and unhappy with a partner.

Whatever you decide to do, dear reader, please don’t trade your happiness or jeopardise your peace of mind.

I really do wish you all the best.
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