Friday, 9 February 2018

Voice and VoIP communications-Get talking with VoIP business solutions

Voice over IP or Internet Protocol (pronounced VOY-p) is the technology that converts your
voice into a digital signal, allowing you to make a call directly from a computer, a VoIP phone
and other data driven devices. Think of VoIP as phone service over the Internet that allows you
to connect with customers, clients, partners and employees locally, regionally and globally.

Why Use VoIP

Create a more flexible work environmentAdaptableconnectionsConnectanywhereSimplifiednetwork

Benefits of IP with minimal investment

Why AT&T?

Enter the world of Voice over IP with minimal effort and cost. Hosted VoIP from AT&T provides advanced communication tools and calling features, all completely managed and hosted for you over the industry-leading AT&T Global IP network. Your organization can avoid significant capital investment while reaping the benefits of VoIP.

Increase customer responsiveness with a Hosted VoIP Solution

Handle customer inquiries without delay while enhancing employee flexibility and productivity. Hosted VoIP expands your options for business communication with features such as:

A single number to reach an employee wherever they are located: on the road, at a customer site or working from home.Ability for employees to make and answer calls from a range of devices.An enriched call experience with on-demand conference calling, web conferencing, and more.

Worry-free management and administration

Get the benefits of a fast and robust network without the responsibility of managing it. With Hosted VoIP we monitor and maintain your service in our IP network. This means:

No need for purchasing expensive PBX/key system equipment. All you need are phones.Staffing for system maintenance and upgrades is no longer needed. Your cloud-based network is up to date.Scaling for future growth is seamless, with no need to disassemble or change equipment – it’s all taken care of in the AT&T cloud.Absence of on-premises equipment gives you increased flexibility in how you can configure your office.

Hosted VoIP solutions and your bottom line

Simplify your operations and keep your ongoing costs low with Hosted VoIP. Advantages include:

Single network provides a foundation for efficient and seamless communication across physical locationsUnlimited inbound and outbound, local and LD calling over our high quality, world-class IP networkCentralized changes to numbers and lines via a user-friendly web administration toolSelf-serve personal web portal allows employees to check voice mail and call records, and manage their own call settingsStreamlined billing*

AT&T Collaborate

Technology and tools to simplify your communications

Simplify your communications so that you have what you need for your business now, with room for future growth. You know that your employees are looking for similar communications tools and applications on the road, and in the office, regardless of the type of device they might use. Everyone wants to be able to speak to colleagues or clients and collaborate with off-site associates in the same manner. AT&T Collaborate™ offers a flexible hosted voice solution that gives you the traditional voice features you need and the collaboration tools you want, regardless of your work location.

Accelerate your business with AT&T Collaborate

Meet more effectively. Now you can conveniently meet whenever, wherever, and however—whether formally or impromptu. You and your team can share documents to foster ideas while working together from different locations, in one seamless experience.

Work faster. Your employees will have everything they need at their fingertips. With features like chat, voice, video and desktop sharing, information can be conveyed more quickly so employee, partner, prospect, and customer interactions are simpler and more meaningful.

Get moving. Your employees can turn their personal phones into business phones for more flexibility. Workers on-the-go can become more accessible, and when they use their own devices in the workplace they can create both personal and business profiles.

Improve your bottom line. With the ability to provide a cloud-based telephony, it’s easy to add or change services across fixed and mobile devices, based on your needs. You can reduce travel expenses and overhead by using collaboration tools to meet and work remotely.

Create easy access to your corporate network from virtually anywhere, anytime, over nearly any device: desktop phones, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Scale as needed

Maximize network investments with integrated voice, web, and video capabilities that may scale as needed.

AT&T Collaborate offers a simplified solution to enable you to communicate more efficiently. You’ll also have the tools to help increase productivity and potentially customer satisfaction, as your employees will have increased availability to deal with customer needs.

AT&T Collaborate can help your business grow and scale quickly by allowing you to rapidly modify the size and scope of your communications solution. This flexibility helps position you to react to seasonal needs or spikes in your business.

Looking for the right communication technologies and tools to consolidate your current infrastructure and maintain costs? Ready to change the way you collaborate and integrate applications? With AT&T Collaborate, you and your business can take advantage of cloud-based solutions that maximize your network investment, and support future growth. AT&T Collaborate offers predicable costs for the services you need, while reducing the complexity in your current technologies and positioning you for more advanced features to come.


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